AHISA Strategic Plan Towards 2025 

The new Strategic Plan for AHISA Ltd was developed by the Board of AHISA Ltd in 2020.

Our Purpose, Our Mission, Our Values, Our Value Proposition, Strategic Context and Strategic Intent represent the future strategy for AHISA over the next 5 years and to ensure sustainability of AHISA in the next phase whilst still recognising the strong foundations that have been established over the course of the previous plan.

The Strategic Priorities are reflected as ‘Draft’ at present as the Branch Chairs are to provide feedback on priorities for their respective Branches with comment on how these will be best delivered by either the National Office or the Branch.

However, AHISA recognises that strategy is dynamic and needs to be flexible and responsive to changes in external or internal conditions.

Download the AHISA Strategic Plan Towards 2025.



'Our members' competitive advantage is found in the excellence of teaching and school leadership and their ability to determine the character and culture of their school.'