AHISA is the professional membership for autonomous school Heads because it advances the future of Australian students by:

  • Amplifying your Leadership Journey
  • Enabling you to Influence Education Policy, Leadership and Practice
  • Helping you build Collegial and Beneficial Relationships with Peers

The education landscape has shifted, and along with it, so have governance and community expectations of school Heads and Principals. In years gone by, it was enough for a school Head to be a distinguished educationalist, an engaging communicator or passionate advocate for student learning. Modern Headship is demanding, rigorous, multi-faceted and carries responsibilities similar to that of a CEO.

Today’s independent school Head is expected to be a dynamic leader who can move seamlessly between being an astute financial manager, risk management expert, educator, marketer and lawyer.

Our members are the Heads of over 400 independent schools in Australia. AHISA members have responsibility for over 426,000 students – or nearly 12 per cent of all Australian school enrolments. AHISA advances the opportunities for the education and welfare of all Australian school students who are the ultimate beneficiaries of AHISA’s endeavours. We believe the leadership journey for school Heads can be isolating. AHISA helps develop current school leaders and the next generation of school leaders.

Great responsibility demands deep devotion to leadership excellence. AHISA is the leading professional membership for autonomous school Heads.